Tyre Insights

Business to Business Tyre Comparison Data made simple!

Stand Alone or POS integrated

Choose between our stand alone pricing tool, or integrate into your existing Point of Sale software with our API.

Packed with Features

Something we are missing from our feature packed interface? As a customer you have direct access to our road-map, with new features shipping every 4 weeks.

Excellent Support

Unrivalled 24/7 support, with direct access to the development team when required.

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Tyre Insight Features:

Competitor Pricing Consolidation

Combining dozens of information sources using our unique tyre matching algorithms, we do the heavy work of lifting and maintaining the information points, into one single feed, so you don’t have to.

Smarter Price decisions

By presenting your competitors prices seamlessly integrated beside your own, your staff are empower to make smarter discounting and chipping decisions. Gaining new customers without giving away all your margin has never been easier.

Build Brand Loyalty

Utilizing our “Am I Competitive” API empowers you to build customer satisfaction and brand loyalty right into your printed invoices. Printing your customers’ savings, in comparison to your competitors on a given date, ensures customers feel the value you offer.

Excellent Customer Service

We utilize sophisticated application monitoring tools to deal with potential problems before they become issues, but should you require we are always available with unrivalled 24/7 email, phone or named person mobile support. Access to our development team is included as standard, should you encounter any technical problems with your integration.

Software Development Services

Don’t have the software development skills in-house? With a reputation for excellent speedy delivery, hire our expert consultants to get you up and running quicker than you would think.

Clean Modern Application Programming Interface

Tyre Insights uses the latest in scalable cloud computing to provide a clean, modern, RESTful Application Programming Interface (API). Our platform can easily be integrated into almost any existing Point Of Sale or eCommerce website, utilizing almost any technology you already have in place. Our APIs also come with a 99.95% uptime guarantee to ensure you have the latest information at your fingertips for each and every sale.

Is Tyre Insights right for your business? Contact us now for your 30 day free trial
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