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Hi and thanks for stopping on past. Tyre Insights, founded in 2015, is a product of Code Tonic focused entirely at the Business To Business tyre retail, wholesale and OEM markets.

The heyday of the 1990’s, high margin, tyre market has long since past with online tyre sales cutting margin year on year right across the tyre industry. Thanks to Tyre Insights it is now possible to see all your competitors prices collated and grouped in our standalone application or place your competitors pricing information directly in your own Point Of Sale via our API. Regardless of the option you choose Tyre Insights allows your staff access to vital insight when entering into price negotiations with customers, and allowing you to maintain margin and gain the sale.

Margin is important, but so to is brand loyalty, and with our “Am I competitive” API we search your competitors prices in order to return competitors with a higher price than you. This allows you to print a supermarket style, “You saved £X.XX” today compared to Competitor Y”, on customer receipts ensuring the customer is positively reinforced that the price they received was competitive.

But Why Tyre Insights?

Our team has years of technical data ingestion, cloud computing and tyre industry specific knowledge, and by letting us manage and maintain the complex data feeds you require, you can reduce costs, provide additional value to customers, and retain margin.

With data gathering on this scale, the cost is not in the initial development but rather on the continued maintenance required to keep them running. We take care of this for you with excellent uptime performance.

Our aim is to simplify the complicated process of matching tyre data between retailers down to such a streamlined level that you will be up, running and integrated within hours – not months as is traditional in the custom software industry.


What if I don’t have the skill in-house to integrate this?

Don’t worry, with our consulting services you can be up and running in no time. Our expert consultants are skilled right across a multitude of development environments, and we are more affordable than you might think.

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